Unlocking the Beauty Secrets: Relaxers VS Keratin Treatments

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As black women, we embrace the beauty of versatility in our hair. Our styles can change from braids today to weaves tomorrow, driven by the desire for manageability while maintaining our unique flair.

In the realm of hair straightening, we now have a multitude of options at our disposal. Thanks to advancements in science and technology, we can achieve our hair goals more easily than ever before. Among these options, Keratin treatments have emerged as a game-changer, offering black women a practical route to straight, manageable hair.

In this informative blog, we’ll delve into the world of relaxers and keratin treatments, examining the pros and cons of each. While both methods can achieve the same goal, their processes and impact on hair health vary significantly. Read on to discover the best choice for your hair.


A Relaxer is a potent product applied to your hair, armed with chemicals designed to disrupt disulfide bonds within the strands. These bonds play a pivotal role in defining your hair’s natural curl pattern. The process of breaking these bonds is permanent and can result in gradually weakened hair. The remarkable resilience of disulfide bonds necessitates the use of strong chemicals to alter them, resulting in a straighter appearance, even when wet. Relaxers bring about a permanent change to your hair’s natural state.


Immediate Results: Relaxers provide instant gratification by straightening your hair right after the treatment.

Long-Lasting: The effects of relaxers can last forever until you grow it out.

Improved Manageability: Relaxers can make your hair more manageable by reducing its natural curl, making it easier to style.

Reduced Shrinkage: For those with highly textured natural hair, relaxers can reduce the shrinkage that occurs when the hair reverts to its natural curl pattern after being wet. 

Why you should not use a relaxer on your hair Damages of relaxers on the hairCONS:

(Images reflecting the damage of relaxers on the hair)

Damage Potential: Relaxers can be harsh on afro-textured hair, as they break disulfide bonds essential for strength and structure, potentially leading to irreversible damage over time. 

Maintenance: Maintaining relaxed hair requires constant touch-ups on new growth, neglecting which can result in breakage and severe damage, demanding extra care to minimize further harm.

Health Concerns: Some studies have suggested a link between the use of relaxers and endocrine disrupters leading to health issues and hair thinning/loss. This studies are inconclusive and more research is needed to establish a clear connection.

Scalp Irritation: The chemicals in relaxers can cause scalp irritation, burning, and discomfort. In some cases, they may lead to chemical burns if not applied correctly or left on for too long.

Inconsistent Results and Risk of over-processing: Achieving even straightening results with relaxers can be challenging, and the outcome may vary depending on the skill of the stylist and the condition of the hair.



Keratin treatments infuse your hair with additional keratin, the building block of hair itself, improving its structure and strength. These treatments use heat to make your hair straight, applied after the keratin infusion. Keratin provides a protective layer, enabling the application of heat to alter hydrogen and salt bonds, which naturally give your hair its curl. Unlike relaxers, keratin treatments do not break disulfide bonds, making these changes less permanent.


Some Keratin products, like Revitalise Keratin by Bloom Hair Atelier, offer various strengths to cater to your desired level of straightness. You can choose to retain some curl or go bone straight, even when wet, all without fear of heat damage. Revitalise Keratin uses amino acids to reinforce and strengthen hair, allowing it to withstand greater levels of heat for achieving your desired straightness.

Before keratin protein treatment on a hairResult of a keratin protein treatment on the hair


(Images reflecting the before and after of Keratin treatment on a customer’s hair)

Less Damage: Keratin treatments are gentler, altering hydrogen and salt bonds without breaking disulfide bonds, resulting in smoother, straighter hair without causing irreversible damage. 

Improved Manageability: Revitalize keratin treatments reduce frizz, making hair easier to style and manage.

Better Length Retention: Strengthened hair leads to minimized breakage at the ends, facilitating the growth of longer hair.


Temporary Results: Some keratin treatments offer temporary effects, lasting a few months. Regular touch-ups are necessary to maintain the results.

Expensive: Due to high-quality ingredients and technology, keratin treatments are generally pricier than relaxers, making them less accessible. However, as their popularity grows, prices may become more competitive.



At Bloom Hair Atelier, we offer both relaxer services and Revitalise Keratin Treatments. Our expert team understands that everyone’s hair is unique, and lifestyles vary. We’re here to provide personalized advice to help you achieve your hair goals

Holistic haircare salon

Whether you prefer the instant results of relaxers or the gentler approach of keratin treatments, or you are seeking an holistic salon where you can feel relaxed while making the hairstyle of your choice, we’ve got you covered. We’re committed to enhancing your confidence by embracing your natural beauty while prioritizing the health and integrity of your hair.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and book an appointment to take the step towards achieving your hair goals. Discover the beauty that suits you best!



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