Welcome to Bloom Hair Atelier.

A pampering experience for your hair and you!

Bloom Hair Atelier adopts a holistic approach to healthy hair care to help you achieve your hair goals. We welcome all hair textures from relaxed and texlaxed hair, to natural hair.

We offer a range of carefully curated treatments that are backed by science and trichology, to address the needs of your natural hair. We also offer a range of healthy hair styling services that you will love to wear and will not compromise the health of your hair.

When you visit Bloom Hair Atelier, you enter a serene environment where every element of our space has been designed with your peace and comfort in mind.

Visiting our salon is an opportunity for pampering, not just for your hair but also for you.

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Shop high quality and professionally formulated hair care products from Equi Botanics and OriLifestyle brands.

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Inspiration for your next low manipulation, protective style.

Inspiration for Healthy Hair Styling

At Bloom Hair Atelier, we recognize that you want healthy hair and nice styling. We have compiled some beautiful images of hair styles to inspire your next style.