About Us

Our salon, nestled in the heart of Ikoyi, Lagos, is a sanctuary where we empower our clients to treat, nurture, and grow their natural hair in alignment with their unique hair goals.

We believe that hair care is more than just a service – it is an expression of self-love and self-care. Our dedicated team understands that your hair is your crowning glory, and we are passionate about helping you achieve optimal hair health while enhancing its natural beauty. We are guided by the principles of science and trichology, offering meticulously curated treatments that cater to the specific needs of your natural hair.

At Bloom Hair Atelier, we go beyond the ordinary, providing a range of healthy hairstyling services that complement your hair’s wellbeing. We embrace styles that you will love to wear, all while prioritizing the health and integrity of your hair. Our commitment to education and personalized care ensures that you leave our salon not only looking fabulous but also armed with the knowledge and tools to maintain your hair’s vitality.

Our Mission  

We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where every client feels valued and supported on their hair journey. With our expertise and genuine care, we aim to empower individuals to embrace their natural hair, fostering a sense of confidence, beauty, and authenticity. Together, we are redefining the standards of hair care, one strand at a time.

Our Values
  • Professionalism – We are professional and we always do our best
  • Respect – We operate in an environment of mutual respect. 
  • Credibility – We are reliable and trustworthy.  empirical research.

Our Vision

At Bloom Hair Atelier, we envision a world where everyone embraces their natural hair and experiences its true potential. We are committed to revolutionizing the concept of hair care by providing a holistic approach that goes beyond superficial beauty.

Bloom Hair Atelier Salon Policies 

We are a small business with big ambitions, therefore you will understand the need for us to put in place some policies that will help ensure that we can provide the best service for you and continue to make this salon a beautiful and relaxing environment for all. We have instituted the following policies to guide our guests in the salon. 

Appointment Booking 
  1. Clients are required to book appointments in advance either through our website, whatsapp or by calling our salon.
  2. Walk-ins may be accommodated if there are available time slots, but appointments are strongly recommended to ensure preferred service times.
  3. Clients with prior bookings will be given priority over walk ins. 
  4. A waitlist is available and clients with bookings who are more than 15 minutes late, without communication will be cancelled in order to accommodate clients on the waitlist or walk ins. 
  5. Client’s are requested to provide a first name, last name and telephone number for their booking. Email addresses can be given as optional. We ask for your permission to be included in our mailing list. 
  6. We maintain the right to refuse services to those who do not adhere to our salon policies. 
Cancellation and Rescheduling 
  1. Clients must provide a minimum of 2 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling. This allows us to accommodate other clients who may be waiting for appointments.
  2. Failure to provide at least 2 hours’ notice will result in a cancellation fee of N2,000 which will be added as a debt on the client’s account. 
Late Arrivals
  1. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, but we kindly request clients to arrive on time for their appointments.
  2. If a client arrives more than 15 minutes late without prior communication, their appointment may be canceled, and they will be considered a no-show. No shows attract a penalty of N2,000 which will be added as a debt on the client’s account. 
No-Show Policy
  1. A client who fails to show up for an appointment without any notice will be considered a no-show.
  2. For no-shows, a fee of N2,000 will be charged to the client’s account or requested for immediate payment. This is non-negotiable. 
Service Guarantee and Complaints
  1. We strive to provide excellent service to our clients. If a client is not satisfied with their service, they are encouraged to communicate their concerns to our salon staff immediately.
  2. We will make every effort to resolve any issues or concerns to the client’s satisfaction.
Zero Tolerance for Harassment

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment or discrimination towards our staff members. This includes but is not limited to verbal abuse, offensive language, unwanted advances, or any behavior that makes our staff feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Violations of this policy may result in immediate termination of services.

Children Policy
  1. We welcome children of all ages, however, children must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the salon.
  2. We understand that young children can sometimes be uncooperative when having their hair services done. Our staff are highly trained and patient however if the sevice exceeds the allocated time, we reserve the right to charge for the additional time taken for the service. 
Payment Policy
  1. We do not accept cash payments. Payment for services rendered must be made using credit cards, debit cards, or other accepted digital payment methods.
  2. All prices are inclusive of applicable taxes and gratuity.
  3. Transfer payments should include a reference as either the name used for the booking(s) or the invoice number(s)
  4. POS payments that are declined but still debited should be resolved through your bank. 
  5. POS payments that are declined but still debited do not count as payment. Clients are required to use another card or make a transfer. 
  1. We offer light refreshments for all clients with scheduled appointments. 
  2. We offer one serving of drinks and biscuits per client. Client’s who would like more than the allocated serving may be requested to pay a token amount to cover the costs. 
Purchase of hair extensions
  1. We do not keep left over hair extensions for clients. Client’s are encouraged to take with them the leftovers from their service. Any extensions left in the salon will be discarded. 
  2. Clients must pay for any extensions once they have been cut, stretched and/or mixed. 
  3. We stock a limited quantity and range of hair extensions. If clients have a specific colour or type of extensions that they prefer to use, we respectfully request that you purchase before your appointment. 
Telephone calls and conversations 

At our salon, we strive to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all our guests. To ensure a peaceful atmosphere, we kindly request that everyone in the salon, including staff and guests, adhere to the following guidelines regarding telephone use and conversation volume:

  1. We understand the importance of staying connected, but we ask that when engaging in conversations, whether it’s with fellow guests or salon staff, please be mindful of the volume of your voice. This also applies to watching of video content. 
  2. Speak in a moderate and considerate tone to avoid disturbing other guests who may be enjoying their treatments or seeking a peaceful environment.
  3. If you notice that your conversation is becoming loud or animated, please make an effort to lower your voices or step outside of the salon. 
Music Policy 
  1. Our music policy is designed to enhance the overall salon experience while respecting the preferences and comfort of our diverse clientele.
  2. We curate a carefully selected playlist that includes a variety of genres and styles, ranging from soothing and instrumental tracks to contemporary and upbeat music. Our goal is to provide a balanced musical backdrop that appeals to a wide range of tastes.
  3. We strive to maintain an appropriate volume level that allows for conversation and relaxation. Our staff regularly monitors and adjusts the volume to ensure it is conducive to the salon environment.
  4. We welcome client requests for specific songs or genres that align with our overall ambiance. However, we kindly ask clients to understand that we may not be able to fulfill every individual request due to the need to maintain a consistent atmosphere for all clients.