Why Keratin Treatment: The Science Behind Hair Bonds

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Our hair is a unique part of a black woman’s identity. Have you ever wondered why our hair behaves the way it does? There are quite different factors that can determine this, and understanding the science behind it can help us make informed choices about hair treatments and decisions relating to our hair,  so let us break it down to the basics of hair bonds, comparing hydrogen and salt bonds to disulfide bonds. We’ll also introduce you to the transformative power of Revitalise Keratin treatments and the expertise of Jimmy Campbell in achieving fabulous hair.

The hair’s strength comes from three types of bonds: hydrogen bonds, salt bonds, and disulfide bonds, each contributes to the overall strength and texture of your hair. Read on as we shed light on the bonds and their unique characteristics. 

Hydrogen Bonds:

Hydrogen bonds are more flexible and require less force to break than disulfide bonds. They can be easily disrupted by water or heat. Interestingly, it’s the reformation of hydrogen bonds that allows us to change the shape of our hair temporarily. For instance, when you curl or straighten your hair with a roller set or flat iron, it’s the hydrogen bonds that adapt to the new style. 

Disulfide Bonds:

Disulfide bonds, on the other hand, are like the backbone of your hair’s strength. They’re reinforced with special proteins, strengthening and straightening your hair without altering its molecular structure. This process does not permanently change your hair’s identity and typically lasts 3-6 months. The degree of straightening achieved determines how long it takes to revert to your natural hair, but with proper care, the transformation is always possible.


If you’re transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to your natural texture, Revitalise Keratin’s treatment can be your trusted ally. This treatment focuses on regrowth, reduces shedding, and helps you embrace your natural hair’s texture, making the transition smoother and healthier.

Straightening Colored Hair: A Dynamic Duo:

Maintaining hair health after coloring is essential. Usually, it’s recommended to wait before applying relaxers. However, with Keratin, you can straighten newly colored hair within 48 hours without causing damage. Using a lower developer ensures healthy results, giving you the best of both worlds—vibrant color and sleek straightness.

Home Routine Hair Care: Aftercare Guide:-

After your Revitalise Keratin Treatment at Bloom Hair Atelier, we provide an aftercare guide with expert advice and product recommendations for maintaining your Keratin-treated hair. We follow up to ensure you’re following the home-care recommendations. Our recommended products are sulfate and paraben-free, suitable for both kids and adults, promising smooth, defined curls and frizz-free, manageable hair for everyone.


Now, let’s introduce you to someone who’s made it his mission to transform hair and empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty. Meet Jimmy Campbell, a hair guru, he’s not just a stylist but a versatile artist who has revolutionized haircare with Nano-Keratin Systems. He has worked with leading industries, mastered all hair types, and is an expert in Revitalise Keratin Treatments. Our stylists at Bloom Hair Atelier are trained by Jimmy himself, ensuring we offer top-notch keratin treatments with successful customer reviews.

Experience the transformation of your hair at Bloom Hair Atelier, your trusted holistic hair care salon. Our skilled experts specialize in treatments like Revitalise Keratin, including relaxer services, hair colouring, pixie cut and many more. Whether you desire revitalized, stunning hair or a sleek new look, we’ve got you covered. Step into our salon today and let us work our magic on your hair, leaving you with the perfect finishing look you’ve always wanted. Your hair, your style, your choice – Bloom Hair Atelier is here to make it a reality. Book an appointment with us and discover the true potential of your hair!

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