Introducing Micro-Links: The Versatility Of Hair Extension.

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If you’ve heard of the latest hair extension trend, micro-links, also known as I-tips, you might be curious to know more. In this article, we’ve got all the information you need to decide if microlinks are the right choice for you.

What are Micro Links?

Micro links are tiny silicon rings used to attach extensions to your natural hair. They’re perfect for individual strands of hair, called I-tips, which are grouped into small bundles. These rings are carefully flattened onto your hair alongside the I-tips, using specialized pliers. No glues, tapes, needles, or threads are involved. Removal is a breeze – loosen the rings, and they slide off effortlessly.

Versatility and Style: Micro-links offer more styling options compared to traditional sew-in weaves. Say goodbye to worries about visible tracks! Whether it’s a high ponytail or a half-up, half-down look, micro links provide the freedom to experiment with various styles.

Longevity and Maintenance: With proper care, micro-links can stay in your hair for up to three months. Unlike traditional weaves, all your natural hair remains accessible, allowing for regular washing and treatment. To ensure a seamless blend, choose hair extensions that match your hair’s texture.

Suitable for Natural Hair: Even if you have natural, unrelaxed hair, or texlaxed hair you can rock micro-links. Opt for curly hair extensions that perfectly replicate your natural texture for a seamless look. Alternatively, straighten your hair using methods like blow-drying, silk pressing, or a semi-permanent amino acid treatment. The latter provides up to three months of straightened hair with minimal heat risk.

Are Micro Links Damaging?

When installed and maintained by a professional, micro-links pose no threat to your hair’s health. It’s close proximity to the scalp minimizes tension, making them a gentle option, especially for those with sensitive scalps. However, if your hair is currently weak or damaged, it’s best to wait until it’s in better condition.

Maintenance Tips:

Micro links require more attention than traditional weaves. Regular washing, conditioning, and thorough detangling are crucial to prevent matting and tangles. Start brushing or combing from the tips, working your way up to the roots where the micro links start.

In summary, micro links offer a versatile, low-risk extension technique suitable for various hair types. At Bloom Hair Atelier, we specialize in micro-link installations for all hair types. Book your appointment today and explore the world of micro links at our salon in Lagos.

Ready to embrace this game-changing hair extension method? Contact Bloom Hair Atelier at 0913-444-5179, visit our website at, or drop by our salon at 15 Glover Road, Ikoyi. We can help you elevate your hair extension styles with micro links!

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