Are Protective Hairstyles Really Protective?

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Like many of Black women, you probably have tried your fair share of protective hairstyles in the quest for healthier, happier hair. But, the intriguing question remains: Are protective hairstyles really as protective as they claim to be, or are we just caught up in accepting the general ideology of it?

What is the truth about protective hairstyles?  First things first, what exactly are protective hairstyles? They’re those intricate braids, twists, and buns that we all love to rock. This blog dives into the truth, myth, and reality of protective hairstyles.

When we opt for protective styles, we’re entrusting our hair to a shield of twists and braids, believing they’ll fend off the evils of breakage, split ends, and general hair havoc. But, is it really safe for our hair, or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?

Yes, protective styles can minimize daily manipulation and reduce exposure to the environment but the styles that have been categorized as protective have not entirely been of such, rather causing several effects on the hair.

The Truth About Protective Haircare Unveiled:

While a protective hairstyle is supposed to be a saving grace for our hair and an easy-to-wear style, some have proven to be potentially counterproductive and infact damaging. Here are the reasons why:

Tension and Stress: One of the primary concerns with protective styles is the tension they can exert on your scalp  and hair follicles. Braids, twists, or ponytails can lead to a condition known as traction alopecia. This occurs when constant tension causes hair to be pulled out from the root, potentially leading to hair loss.

Breakage at Installation and Removal: The process of installing and removing certain protective styles can contribute to breakage. For example, tight braids or weaves may cause breakage when being put in or taken out, especially if not done carefully or by a skilled stylist.

Dryness and Lack of Moisture: While the intention of protective styles is to minimize manipulation and protect the ends of the hair, they can also lead to severe dryness. The hair is unlikely to get as much moisture as it needs. This is why at Bloom Hair Atelier we provide hair care products that can be used on protective styles to keep the hair hydrated and scalp clean.

Thinning Edges: Constant tension on this area can lead to thinning or even permanent hair loss along the edges.Ironically, relying too heavily on protective styles can have negative consequences. Constantly having your hair in protective styles may lead to weakened hair strands over time.

At Bloom Hair Atelier we do not focus only on beautifying your hair but on the health and safety of your natural hair. Our professional stylists give style recommendations to secure hair safety while rendering the hairstyle of your desire.

If you are looking for a holistic and science based approach to hair care to make all styles of hair while ensuring the health of your hair, then Bloom Hair Atelier is your best bet.

Book an appointment today! And we can’t wait to serve you!

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