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You might have heard it several times that the new trend now within the hair industry is “naturalista”. Wondering what that possibly means, well it’s the way the gen z describes a person who is transitioning from relaxed hair to keeping a natural hair journey. This has always been in existence and to some of us it is not really a new trend, but the increase in the publicity to grow natural healthy hair has increased more than it was in the last 3-4 years ago. Due to this new increase and trend, we must admit that a lot of us who are also hair transitioning keep searching for different processes and routines to engage in to make this less technical to handle and to result in positive results, either to achieve an healthy hair and fuller texture, increase in hair length, or just simply embracing the originality of being a black person.

I will advice that if you are currently in this phase also, you should be pretty careful of how you jump on every natural hair remedy, products and routine that are seen on the digital space as everyone now has several countering ideas to sell out the natural trend, rather it is much better that you see a holistic hair salon to help put you through a package and routine for this transition.

Bloom hair atelier is pretty much a good fit for this as we have a good package that is targeted to help natural hair carriers. In our next newsletter, we will send you more detailed information concerning these packages and insights on hair care routines to be implemented in your healthy hair journey from a trichologist point of expertise.

From different news and updates seen and heard about hair trimming, Tolu we believe that in order to guide our customers through the right part in this healthy hair journey, we need to carry you along to know which is true and false about some known information about hair trimming.

Here are a few facts and myth about hair trimming that you should take cognisance of –

Myth: Trimming your hair frequently will make it grow faster
Fact: Hair growth happens at the roots, and trimming the end of your hair will not affect at which it grows

Myth: Cutting your hair will make it thicker
Fact: Hair thickness is determined by the genetics and overall health. Trimming the ends of your hair will not change or have any effect in its thickness

Myth: Trimming your hair can fix split ends
Fact: Trimming your hair may prevent split ends from getting worse, but it cannot repair them. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off.

Myth: You should only trim your hair when it is damaged
Fact: Trimming your hair regularly can prevent damage and help it grow healthier and stronger

Myth: You should trim your hair yourself
Fact: While some people may feel comfortable triming their own hair, it is best and advisable to leave it to a professional to do it, to avoid mistakes and uneven cut. You can but a hair cut service with bloom hair atelier today

Myth: You should trim your hair to a specific length
Fact: The length of your hair trim depends on the style you are trying to achieve and the condition of your hair.

Myth: You should trim your hair every three weeks
Fact: The frequency of your hair trim depends on the individual hair type and growth rate. Some people may need to trim their hair every six weeks, while others can go longer between trims.

Did you find this information helpful? Do you need more tips and guidelines in this hair transitioning journey, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and in case you have, look out for our next newsletter/blogpost, as we will be bringing to your email more interesting hair conversations.

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At Bloom hair atelier, healthy hair journey is our number one goal.

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