No Rinse Scalp Cleanser + Exfoliator (200ml)

Created to keep the scalp healthy and balanced, the No Rinse Scalp Cleanser + Exfoliator cleanses, tones, moisturizes and exfoliates the scalp in between wash days.

As scalp care product, It unclogs the hair follicles to promote the growth of thicker hair strands. It breaks down dead skin cells & encourages cell renewal. It contains ingredients that helps in treating flaky scalps and reduce itching. It creates a healthy scalp environment which promotes hair growth.

Use this product to remove dirt, impurities, product residue and build up from the scalp without shampooing or rinsing.

Ideal for use when wearing cornrows, two strand twists, didi, braids, flat twists, crotchet braids, weaves, locs, faux locs and other protective hair styles with or without extensions.


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No Rinse Scalp Cleanser + Exfoliator (200ml)

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